Nail Caviar 3 Grams Nail Art Manicure Pedicure CHOOSE YOUR COLOR

Quantity: 3 Grams of Nail Caviar.

size of caviar: 1mm

Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, etc.

Make your nails sparkling and add shiny color to your makeup!

Suitable for professional use or home use


1- Polish

After applying a base coat, apply 2-3 layers of the coloured polish of your choice.

2- Lay on the caviar

Here comes the tricky part; while your polish is still tacky, pour the beads over your entire nail. You'll want to lay something down underneath to catch all the excess beads.

3- Touch-ups

Gentle tap the edges of your nail to get rid of extra beads. You'll also want to clean up the edges and fill in any missing spots with a few beads.

4- Top coat

After apply the beads, you'll need to paint on two or more layers of top coat so that the beads hold in place and are strong.

Tip: Top coat may remove some of the dye from the beads, but don't worry, call it a 'gradient' look and you're set!

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