Spider Web Ghost Pumpkin Nail Water Wraps

10 Wraps


1. First paint nails with a base coat.
2. When nails are fully dry, cut out the decals that match your nails width. Make sure to cut exactly on the line, or within the line without leaving any excess trimming around the edge.
3. Starting at the flat end, peel away decal from the paper backing.
4. Carefully place the rounded end of the decal at the center base of the nail.
5. When decal is centered, first press along the middle, and then flatten down the sides, and edges.
6. Fold the excess over the tip of the nails, and file off the rest. Make sure to file in a downward motion to avoid lifting up nail decal.
7. Apply 1-2 coats of clear topcoat nail polish, particularly around the outer edge of the decal to get a better seal.

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