Halloween Blood Nail Vinyls Nail Art Stencil Stickers /2 Sheets

Quantity: 2 Sheets.


1 - Paint your nails with the base color of your choice.(allow to completely dry).
2 -  Apply the vinyls ,press the vinyl pieces firmly.  Doing so will help polish not seep under the vinyl, leaving you with crisp lines.

3 - Paint over the vinyls with the accent color of your choice.(choose a color that covers in 1 coat).

4- Using a tweezers, quickly remove the vinyls. (dont wait more than 15-20 seconds).

5- Clean up any polish you got on the skin and cuticle area.

6- Apply a quick dry clear coat to smooth and add shine.

Highly recommended tips:

- Sponge your polish on.

- Cut the sides of your vinyls.

- If your vinyls is too sticky, dab it on your hand.







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